About Grand Innovation

Created in 2016, Grand Innovation is a newly incorporated Detroit-based 501c3 nonprofit with a mission to make self-sufficiency a reality for parents, youth and the Detroit community. Grand Innovation fulfills its mission by helping individuals in Detroit develop strong business plans and access effective strategies and resources to catalyze business growth and profitability. Grand Innovation offers entrepreneurial training powered by the LifeLine curriculum and manages a co-working center, Entrepreneur Hub. Grand Innovation also provides intensive one-on-one coaching, hosts networking events, and offers workshops to help start and grow micro and small businesses. Grand Innovation helps entrepreneurs follow the pathway to fulfilling their dreams.

Your generous support will enable Grand Innovation to deliver one of the following critical entrepreneurial programs targeted to disadvantaged entrepreneurs in the City of Detroit:

Entrepreneurial Jumpstart training course paired with business coaching.


We will deliver two 10-week courses to support up to 50 low-income, women and/or minority entrepreneurs to develop their entrepreneurial skills and explore their business ideas.

Business Planning and Financial Projections with business coaching.


We will support 50 low-income, women and/or minority entrepreneurs to develop business plans complete with financial projections during our hands-on 8-week course.

Entrepreneurship for Returning Citizens.

We will educate 250 returning citizens about the opportunities, resources and benefits to self-employment and entrepreneurship and train 50 returning citizens through rolling weekly 3-hour entrepreneurship workshops over a 6-month timeframe in partnership with the MI Department of Corrections Wayne County Lawton parole center.