Jumpstart your Business

Jumpstart your Business

Dr. Nicole S. Farmer

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“Jumpstart Your Business” is a 10-week course for entrepreneurs interested in starting a business as well as those already in business. Instructors are entrepreneurs who share lessons from real trials, tribulations, and triumphs of the business world. Participants are encouraged to do research to uncover opportunities. During the course, participants are asked questions to make them dig deeper and pushed to make tough decisions regarding their business. The curriculum covers, in-depth, all necessary tools to create a business plan as well as exercises for understanding just what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Professional guest speakers provide industry-specific information on topics such as forming business entities, public relations, accounting, non-profit foundations, and insurance.
Class often begins with many people who have an inkling of an idea for a business and ends with a smaller number of participants focused on truly following through with each necessary step to form a cohesive business plan and take advantage of the opportunity to pitch their idea to potential funders. Some participants make the decision that entrepreneurship is not for them.




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