Since 2010,  LifeLine Business Consulting Services, LLC has helped over 1200 individuals bring their business ideas into reality by coaching, training and, connecting entrepreneurs with resources and continuous support of their endeavors.  LifeLine served as a full-service business planning and management organization serving small and medium sized companies with an emphasis on minority and women-owned businesses.  LifeLine saw a compelling need in the community and realized that in order to effectively meet that need was to create a non profit organization.  

For this reason, Grand Innovation was formed in 2016 as a 501c3 not-for-profit organization.  Its focus is to eliminate historical cycles of poverty through education, community engagement and exposure to entrepreneurship for self sufficiency and provides services to individuals who have suffered the negative social and economic results of systemic poverty, incarceration of un/under – employment.  Resources are provided to address barriers to communities striving for self-sufficiency. Thus, Grand Innovation was birthed, Powered by LifeLine.


Grand Innovation is a vehicle for positive economic change.


To provide the community with the tools to be successful for them to have a significant, positive impact in their local community, eliminating historical cycles of poverty thru Education, community engagement and entrepreneurship.