If you or your company prefer a more hands-on connection to your nonprofit partners, we offer a range of ways you can donate your time and expertise:

Tier 1: Guest Lecture

Donate your company’s employees for guest lectures during the training course. The topics would range from Internet Marketing to Operations Management.
Time Commitment: 4 Hours

Tier 2: Help Grand Innovation Increase its Capacity

We are always looking to expand and improve. To that end, we are searching for professional help in program evaluation and analysis. In helping Grand Innovation, your company ensures that people in underserved areas of Detroit continue to get trained in starting their own businesses.
Time Commitment: 10 Hours

Tier 3: Provide Professional Services

Provide professional services in legal advice, marketing, finance, operations, and workforce development to participants who have graduated from the training program.
Time Commitment: 14 Hours (no more than 2 hours a week)

Tier 4: Support and Mentor a New Business Owner

As Grand Innovation participants start implementing their business plans they will need guidance and support from an experienced professional. Your company can lend an ear to these new business owners and give them some general guidance about their business’s direction.
Time Commitment: 1 hour meetings every two weeks for 1 year (26 hours)

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